Church St Apartments


3-9 Church St Building was a four story office block of 2500m2 total; with three levels of parking below that was progressively fitted out and handed over to the client. This meant a live tenanted building whilst construction was undertaken on the upper 3 floors.

Capital Construction has fitted out the upper four floors of the building into 18 separate title apartments each 5 to 6 double bedrooms in size. Car-parking levels were fitted out with fire sprinklers and emergency lighting protection.

Each Apartment has communal lounge and kitchen facilities with two bathrooms; each with toilet, handbasin and toilet.

Work consisted of structural strengthening and seismic movement joints added to the western concrete blockwall followed by additional aluminium joinery windows where required.

New water, sewer, power, fresh air, exhaust air, data and security services have been installed into newly constructed risers to service the apartments.

Interior floors are divided into apartments and common corridors with full height Gib fire and sound walls. Apartments are finished walls and ceilings with painted Gib and a mixture of carpet tile and vinyl on the floor