Health & Safety

Capital Construction Ltd do all that can reasonably be done to protect it's employees and other persons from avoidable harm.

We are using HazardCo’s Health and Safety System to assist us in addressing the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992, its 2002 amendments and Health & Safety Regulations 1995.

The HazardCo System is a comprehensive system based around workplace tools and resources supported by documented processes, an 0800 advice service and online resources, such as site specific safety planning, accident reporting and e-learning.

In particular, the system ensures we address our key obligation to “take all practicable steps to make workplace safe for Workers and for people in and around workplace” and provides us with the ability to specifically show:

  • Our commitment to safety management (as stated in our Health and Safety Policy);
  • Our annual objectives for improving health and safety;
  • A hazard management process (a system for identifying, assessing and controlling hazards);
  • How we provide information training and supervision to our workers;
  • Our incident/injury reporting, recording and investigation procedures, including notification of serious harm to Worksafe NZ;
  • Our workers participation process;
  • Our emergency planning for our workplace;
  • How we protect our Workers;
  • Visible evidence of our system in operation;
  • How we monitor and review our health and safety performance;
  • How we provide and maintain Personal Protection Equipment (“PPE”) to all staff;
  • Our process for informing Worksafe NZ of notifiable work

We have an overall Health and Safety Policy. In addition each forman on site has Site Specific Health & Safety forms and practices that they implement such as hazard boards, toolbox meetings, task analysis, regular visual surveys, job inductions, marking off hazardous areas and the like